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What if I want to cancel? We offer a 14-day money back guarantee, no questions asked if you are not satisfied with our service. Cancel anytime.

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Jerome Soimaud

“Stephanie is an incredible writer. She is talented and extremely knowledgeable. The articles she’s written for my real estate blog has been NEXT LEVEL. Writers’ Bar is my business solution; clear and purposeful, every single article helps bring more traffic and move my business forward.”


“I receive so many compliments on my articles. While I take full credit publicly, privately it is all due to Writers’ Bar. My personal writer captures my voice accurately and their attention to detail and customer service is unparalleled.”

Dara King

“You give them a deadline and they get it done. So happy I found them.”

Judith Aimable

“Stephanie and her staff at Writers’ Bar are the utmost professionals. The process was painless and efficient. I appreciate their attention to detail and continuous feedback that allowed for me to tailor everything to my liking. They have a genuine interest in helping you better your business and it shows in the way they communicate with you and their finished product. I would recommend Writers’ Bar to anyone looking to spruce their writing.”

Axiom Engineering Group

“This is more than just a writing service. My copywriter worked closely with my web designer and developer to ensure that everything flowed with the copy of my site. This is an extremely knowledgeable group of writers and copywriters who know what is needed to market a service on the internet.”